Senin, 10 Maret 2014

Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK AKUNTANSI

Soal bahasa Inggris tentang menentukan pikiran utama paragraf/gambaran umum atau informasi tertentu/informasi rinci/informasi tersirat atau makna kata/frasa dalam surat/memo/pesan/e-mail bersifat bisnis.

To the editor :
I read with great concern the report in your newspaper this morning about the plans of Holbrook Manufacturing Company to build a factory in this city. The project has received strong support from the city council, based on their belief that Holbrook will bring a significant number of jobs to our area and boost the local economy. Apparently, they are blind to the reality, Holbrook is well known for its innovative manufacturing methods, which are largely automated. because of this, very little manual labour is required. Holbrook's system generally require highly skilled technicians, who would likely come here from other places to work at the factory. there will be few. if any, jobs for local citizens.     What do we get in return for this ? a large, unsightly building that will require the destruction of natural areas and throw pollution into our air and water. The city council must approve Holbrook's project before they begin construction of the factory. Holbrook's board of directors, eager to break ground on the project as early as next month, have urged the city council to move forward with their vote, and it will take place tomorrow night rather than two weeks from now, as originally planned. This gives even less time for council members to develop an informed opinion. I strongly urged them not to bow to the pressure of holbrook and to vote against the proposed project.
Henry Judson

1.       Why did Henry Judson write this letter ?
             a.       To protest a new factory
             b.       To analyze the economy
             c.       To explain sources of pollution
             d.       To get elected to the city council
2.       What kind of people generally work at the Holbrook ?
             a.       Manual Labourers
             b.       Blind people
             c.       Trained Specialist
             d.       Economist
3.       When will the city council vote on the Holbrook project ?
             a.       This morning
             b.       Tomorrow night
             c.       Two weeks from now
             d.       Early next month
4.       The word well known in line 7 is closest in meaning to .. . 
             a.       Famous
             b.       Notice
             c.       Recognize
             d.       Observe

From    : Marcello Palombo
To        : J. Wilson
Sent      : Tuesday, October 19, 2013
Subject : Elena Kuzikov, Ukrainian Engineer

Dr. Elena Kuzikov will be visiting our company on Tuesday, march 23rd. I would like you to prepare a program for her. She will arrive in the morning before noon. Please start with lunch in the cafeteria and then show her your department. Like you, she has done research on the effects of earthquakes on bridge construction.

1.       What kind of engineer is the Ukraina 
       a.       Elctrical
       b.       Nuclear
       c.       Mechanical
       d.       Railroad
2.       Who will be the visitor’s guide ?
       a.       J. Wilson
       b.       Elena Kuzikov
       c.       Marcello Palombo
       d.       No one
3.       When will she arrive ?
       a.       Before 12.00
       b.       At noon
       c.       After lunch
       d.       In the evening
4.       What is her chief area of interest ?
       a.       Designing bridge
       b.       Eating lunch 
       c.       Touring the department
       d.       Visiting